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Jim McGovernHave you ever thought, "Is there more to life"?   What is  my purpose here on earth?   Why can’t I get REAL enjoyment from life?  Or have you started drinking, gambling or eating too much and you don't know why?  

We may have an answer for you, the 12 steps.   It's not just for alcoholics and addicts.   They can work for you too.    The unique success that 12 step programs have enjoyed as a result of the steps is due to their simplicity.  The truth is the steps are a basic process that will work for anyone.  The 12 steps are really a spiritual program which was born out of the Oxford Group whose main purpose was for people to get in concert with God's will for them.

Do the 12 Steps really work?  That question could be answered by the millions of lives that have been saved and hundreds of family members that have had their families reunited. Today there are over 100 groups who use these steps as the basis for members to recover from alcohol, drugs, food or an assortment of addictions.  Anyone, however, addicted or not, can utilize these steps to enhance and make more real their own individual spirituality.